Machinery Risk Assessment Spreadsheet V5

A pro-forma spreadsheet and guidance notes to assist in completing a risk assessment in accordance with EN ISO 12100.

Requires Microsoft Excel or equivalent. 

The Machinery Directive requires manufacturers to perform an iterative risk assessment to determine the hazards that their machines present and measures to reduce these risks.  The final risk level should be as low as reasonably practicable.

We have developed this spreadsheet and accompanying guidance in accordance with the Directive and EN ISO 12100 to help manufacturers fulfil this obligation.  It guides you through the process and ensures that you have filled in sufficient information to satisfy the applicable legislation.

Examples of each hazard type are provide to assist the user, and the spreadsheet performs the necessary calculations to determine the overall risk level.  It will inform you if the risks levels are excessive and allows the calculation of levels “before and after” safety measures are applied.  This provides a record of the ongoing assessment process for you or anyone examining the document.

Please note that this spreadsheet does not cover more specialised risk assessments required by other directives that may be applicable.  For instance, it is not suitable for performing an ignition hazard assessment for machines that may be used in explosive atmospheres.  Please contact us if you require further information.

This is a downloadable zip file containing Excel and PDF documents.

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