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£ 250.00 each

ATEX Assemblies Technical File Pack Plus 2 hours Consultancy

This ATEX pack is a step-by-step guide that will lead you through all of the activities that have to be performed before declaring compliance with the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and putting the product on the market.

£ 350.00 each

ATEX Compliance and Risk Assessment (CE07)

April - Aberdeen (please contact us to arrange a date)
Wednesday 12th July
Tuesday 10th October
Friday 17th November

The ATEX Directive applies to mechanical or electrical equipment used in explosive or potentially explosive atmospheres.

£ 350.00 each

PUWER and Offshore Equipment (CE10)

November - Aberdeen (Please contact us to arrange a date)

This course aims to provide an understanding of the requirements of offshore equipment, including where the requirements come from, how to identify them and how to apply them.

£ 70.00 each
£ 130.00 each
£ 20.00 each

Technical File contents checklist for ATEX Directive

This downloadable document is a checklist for the Technical File required for products covered by the ATEX Directive.

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