£ 350.00 each

Introduction to CE Marking (CE01)

Whether you are an importer, manufacturer, designer or manager, you need to know the basics of CE marking.

Training dates:

  • 25th September 2019
  • 8th November 2019
£ 350.00 each

CE Marking Machinery and Industrial Equipment (CE02)

The safety of machinery and industrial equipment is a crucial issue for end-users, but it is not always clear where the responsibility for this lies.

Training dates:

  • 5th June 2019
  • 17th September 2019
  • 21st November 2019
£ 350.00 each

Machinery Risk Assessment (CE03)

Risk assessments need to be carried out when machines are designed, manufactured, put into service and modified.

Training dates:

  • 18th September 2019
£ 350.00 each

The Pressure Equipment Directive (CE04)

The Pressure Equipment Directive covers all pressure vessels, piping safety accessories and pressure accessories. Due to the application of this type of equipment, it is vital that these products are correctly CE marked, and this course will explain the process in detail.

Training dates:

  • 19th July 2019
  • 9th October 2019
  • 14th November 2019
£ 350.00 each

ATEX Compliance and Risk Assessment (CE07)

The ATEX Directive applies to mechanical or electrical equipment used in explosive or potentially explosive atmospheres.

Training dates:

  • 9th July 2019
  • 16th October 2019
£ 350.00 each

CE Marking Electrical Equipment (CE08)

There are a variety of directives and regulations relating to electrical and electronic equipment, which you should be familiar with if you are involved in the manufacture or importation of such products.

Training dates:

  • 12th September 2019
  • 3rd October 2019
  • 19th November 2019
£ 350.00 each

PUWER and Work Equipment Regulations (CE10)

This course aims to provide an understanding of the requirementst of PUWER, including where the requirements come from, how to identify them and how to apply them.

Training dates:

  • 3rd July 2019
  • 26th September 2019
£ 350.00 each

CE Marking Assessment - Samples and Documentation (CE15)

This course is aimed at anyone who imports equipment from outside the EU. It covers the information you should request from suppliers, and the responsibilities of the importer.

Training dates: 

  • 26th November 2019
£ 350.00 each

Ecodesign and Energy Labelling (CE17)

This course will provide an overview of the requirements of Ecodesign and Energy Labelling.

Training dates:

  • 10th October 2019
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