Technical File contents checklist for Toy Safety Directive

Technical File contents checklist for Toy Safety Directive

This checklist and accompanying guidance notes provide you with the information you need to complete your Technical File.

The Toy Safety Directive requires the manufacturer of a toy to create a Technical File which contains the information required to show that a toy properly complies with the requirements of the Directive.

This checklist should be used to ensure that you have included all necessary documents, pictures and information in your Technical File, as specified in the Toy Safety Directive.  You will also need to purchase a draft Declaration of Conformity in order to complete your Techincal File. 

A complete Technical File is an obligation of the Toy Safety Directive, though it does not have to be in constant existence - if the file is requested by an appropriate authority a period of grace is given for the file to be assembled and delivered. However, in practice it is more sensible to create the file early in the life of the product and ensure it is kept up to date.


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