UKCA & CE Self-Certification Pack for Toys (with 1 hour of support time)

£ 180.00 each

This download pack contains all the specific information and documentation you need in order to complete the process of UKCA & CE marking toys (and ‘toy-like’ products).  

 The pack contains:

  • An easy to use process flowchart that acts as an index to the rest of the pack.
  • A detailed procedure document explaining the process of UKCA & CE marking toys and what you need to do to complete this process.
  • A checklist to the essential safety requirements of the Toy Safety Directive and Toys (Safety) Regulations.
  • A Technical File template (including a Declaration of Conformity) for you to complete for your product(s). The procedure document gives clear instructions on how to complete the checklist and Technical File, and also gives advice on what additional product testing you may wish to obtain and where to get it from.
  • Also included is the DTi’s current official UK Government Guidance Notes on the Toy (Safety) Regulations, which are a handy reference.
  • The pack also comes with 1 hour of support time for any questions or queries you may have during the process (support time must be used within 12 months from purchase date).  We can help with looking at the standard and identifying any testing that may be required.

 If you are unsure if this pack is suitable for your product, or you would like to know more about the Toy Safety Directive, please refer to our webpage on the 'Toy Safety Directive' or contact us for further information.

PLEASE NOTE: Apart from this pack, the only other purchases you will need to make to UKCA & CE mark your toys are either copies of the toy safety standards so you can do your own testing, or third party testing so you can receive an official test report. However, you can view copies of the toy safety standards for free at your local library (on request). Testing for most simple toys is generally inexpensive and costs are in the order of low hundreds of pounds.

Please note -

  • Once you purchase the pack, you will receive two emails, the second one containing a link to download the pack. The download link will only remain active for 3 days so please make sure you download the pack and save to your computer before this time.
  • The download is a compressed ZIP format and you will need to 'unzip' the file to see the Word and PDF documents contained.
  • Image for illustrative purposes only
  • Consultancy time must be used within 12 months from purchase date.
  • VAT will be added at the checkout.
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